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MacKizer Behavioral Analysis Consulting conducts behavioral analysis to provide tailored practical solutions for organizations through consultations and training in areas such as risk assessment, threat assessment, and investigative analysis.  

Organization managers are often faced with making decisions which critically impact their organization’s personnel, customers, clients or reputation.  Frequently these decisions involve addressing behavior of individuals either internal or external to the organization.  As a result, a behavioral perspective is a crucial component in solving critical situations.  MacKizer Behavioral Analysis Consulting can aid the decision maker in addressing specific problems through personal confidential consultations and training in related areas designed to proactively resolve situations.  All consultations and trainings are conducted by veteran law enforcement professionals and are specifically tailored to meet the organization’s needs.

Consultations and training include the following:

  • Risk Assessment

  • Threat Assessment

  • Mitigation Strategies

  • Media Strategies

  • Investigative Strategies


See how we can provide practical solutions for these critical situations


Insider Threats

Child Sex Offenders

Workplace Violence

Unsolved/Cold Cases