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Companies and organizations are facing these challenges, everyday.


Insider Threats

Criminal & malicious insider threat costs businesses an average of $607,745 per incident - Ponemon Institute Study

Workplace Violence

Employee Kills Three, Then Herself, at Rite Aid Facility in Maryland, Officials Say - The New York Times 8/20/2018

Child Sex Offenders

More than 300 accused priests listed in Pennsylvania report on Catholic Church sex abuse - The Washington Post 8/14/2018


Unsolved/Cold Cases

Out of 54,868 homicides in 55 cities over the past decade, 50 percent did not result in an arrest - The Washington Post 5/6/2018


We’re bringing solutions.


We provide consultations and training in the following categories:


Threat Assessment


Risk Assessment


Investigative Strategies


Mitigation Strategies


Media Strategies


What is Behavioral Analysis?

Behavioral analysis is the detailed examination of an individual’s behavior to assess their personality. This is based on the foundational principles that our behavior reflects our personality and the best predictor of our future behavior is our past behavior.


What We Do

MacKizer Behavioral Analysis Consulting conducts behavioral analysis to provide tailored practical solutions for organizations through consultations and training in areas such as risk assessment, threat assessment, and investigative analysis.