Child Sex Offenders

Pedophilia is commonly defined as a condition in which an adult is sexually attracted to children.  According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA) Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders (DSM-5) the actual prevalence of pedophilia in the male population is unknown but estimated to be as high as 3-5%.  If the APA’s estimate is accurate then 3 out of every 100 males may have sexual interests in children. 

The research is clear, not all individuals who fantasize about having sex with a child will act, but the risk potentially increases with individuals who seek positions which place them in direct contact with children. Therefore, organizations that administer programs involving children are frequently targeted by individuals who are sexually attracted to children. Unfortunately, in many instances, these individuals are only identified after they have victimized a child. 

MacKizer Behavioral Analysis Consulting provides organizations training in identifying behavioral indicators of risk of sex offending, conduct confidential risk assessments and provide mitigation strategies designed to prevent victimization.


The Clergy Abuse Crisis Has Cost The Catholic Church $3 Billion (NPR 8/18/2018)

All assessments and resulting strategies are based on research and operational experience of our subject matter experts.